Going Explicitely HARSH

The election fever striking all the jointures of the Lebanese society these days shaped up some interesting things to talk about, though briefly, but it is worth pinpointing:

First, and as majorly highlighted by most of the Lebanese all-kind media is the severe lust for running for the election. The number of candidates unexpectedly exceeded the 700 plus figures in an historically un-precedential occurrence.

Second, the term bribery or political-money, or vote buying is playing a big role here. Airlines tickets are offered to “abroad” supporters to come back home join the elections parade.

Third, no one is abiding the political advertising sealing set by law. Some are mentioning that the huge number of candidates is a cover for advertising distribution by a certain party split among a number of parliament runners in order to keep the numbers down, just in case.

Forth, the content of the campaigns are sometimes crossing certain lines and portraying provocative material just as the FPM (Free Patriotic Movement) outdoor campaign. The blue FM (Future Movement) motto was torn to reveal the FPM’s slogan “The Future Lies in Change”. This is being criticized by many FM supporters and many incidents took place downloading these panels even in areas were FPM has dominance.

The Lebanese parliamentary elections are scheduled to happen on June 7th. It is considered to be a critical phase the country is counting on due to the fierce competition of gaining the majority of the 128 parliamentary seats.


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