Whats for the Last week in May 2009

It may be a busy week, Locally, Regionally, and Internationally:

1- Israel is undergoing intense, large scale, all level, air-land-sea military manipulations. Hizballa announced a state of tension for any unexpected situation deterioration.

2- More intensification of the Lebanese Election process. It’s already set on fire, more yet to come.

3- More collapse of the Musad spy cells. Every day, dangerous information is being leaked into the Lebanese media.

4- Talaat Mustafa is accused in the Suzan Tamim case. The court sentenced him to death already. He collapsed during the manifestation.

5- Iran to continue its military defile’. Another 2000 km range rocket added to its library.

6- Volcanic activity monitored on the North West of Saudi. Several middle scale earthquakes and Radom emissions called for large scale evacuations in the region in the raising expectation of a volcanic reactivation after a 700 years of calm down.

7- Calm weather to stretch all over the region. Mid 40s in the gulf, mid 20s in the middle east.


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