Memory of the 2002

It was summer 2002, more preciesly on June 2002 when I used to work at Future Television at the Spears Street. I used to wake up early morning to get ready, prepare myself, and have a light snack. I used to zap to New TV, the local lebanese TV station where they used to broadcast the newly released Celine Dion’s “A New Day Has Come” song. Day after day and at the same morning time segment (7:30 am), I used to wait to watch it before leaving for the great amount of positive and optimistic energy it used to supply me with.

I used to live at Verdun St. next to Iwan Maktabi “Rug shop”. I remember I used to take the way walking since the weather at this time of the year in Beirut is tolerated still. Passing by the Concorde square, BLOM bank main branch, Sanaieh park all the way to the FTV offices, I used to murmer the song which became part of my daily ritual.

I dont know why I am recapping all this today, but what I know by now is that it has been whole 7 years since then. Time is moving on regardless of everything. We are growing older and older inspite of our wills. I wonder if I am taking benefit of every second of my yet young age “supposedly”. But what I wish, is to remain 27.


One thought on “Memory of the 2002

  1. JOBOX says:

    I loved that song..
    one of the best of Celine dion!

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