Climate Change & Resources-Populations-Relocations

I dedicate this post to the global cause of “Climate Change” as part of the Blog Action Day:

Watching Climate Change

Time is running out, changes are evident & luminous, casualties in millions, resources depleted, temperatures rising, nature retaliating, weather patterns severe, climates unusual, ice melting, & the bell is still intact waiting for someone to ring it, hopefully soon.

The given is clear. The equation is set. The longer we decide to turn our backs, the worse the situation. Are we ready for a war for food? Can the world handle another war of a different kind? Can any country bear mass population relocations looking for better life and abundance in resources? I doubt.

It will be a war of different kind. A war for resources, a war for water, a war for existence, a war for well-being. You name it;

The incremental global temperature increase is not a theory anymore. It’s a fact. Polar ice is melting, desertification in progress, storms are strengthening, water supplies are drying out, food distribution is imbalanced, and people are suffering. Why? Let’s ask the G7. They have the answer; they have the solution; but they lack the will.

Whenever the issue is raised, the answer comes “It will affect our economy”. In this game of global economical competitions, no one seems to give way. If the emissions of green house gases cannot be controlled, then why not invest in finding green technologies to take care of this. Such technologies are worth investing in. Comparing the casualties and losses after a single hurricane, it will be profitable to divert some of the budgets towards environmental friendly manufacturing.

But will the environmentalists win against the capitalists?

Most of the global policies are governed based on the interests of capitalist moguls. Oil, metal, & gas are the largest investment sectors globally. They constitute the basis of all manufacturing. The conglomerates behind such companies play a significant role in policy making especially in the West. They work in accordance to their interests. Politicians always base their legislations and decisions on input they get from them.  Some reports were stating that the disappearance of the North Polar ice cap will create a new convenient & economical short cut for energy supplies from Russia and Northern America and specifically the USA, the highest energy consumer in the world. Instead of taking tens of thousands of miles from the source to destinations, the new path will be only few thousand miles.  

But what will happen to millions of people living on the coasts worldwide?

Reports say that a slight increase in sea levels will drown Florida, New York, The Netherlands & significant parts of Northern European low lands, Venice & province, Egyptian Delta (Egypt’s food basket), some of the Gulf, & most of Bangladesh.

We all know that 90% of Egypt’s 80 million populations live around the Nile Delta. Most of the 100 million people in Bangladesh live on the coasts. What will be the result of mass translocations of around 1 billion person globally? How will the governments act to secure water and food for this massive trekking? It is important to ask.

The issue is escalating, we should not sacrifice the well being of millions for the benefits of a slight-tiny minority who are exploiting 80% of the global wealth & resources.

For the well being of humanity, animal kingdom, & the plant cover, I say ACT.

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2 thoughts on “Climate Change & Resources-Populations-Relocations

  1. Liliane says:

    Apparently we dealt so well with Palestinian refugees that we really believe we can take care of millions more climate refugees.

  2. samersays says:

    Liliane I may agree with you although it is a different story.
    We may be sure that we cant make the change, but why not do our jobs and hope for the best.

    Thanks for sharing.

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