Does Twitter Has Teeth?




Don’t be the one to let this cute little blue bird reveal his teeth upon you.

Twitter, the social networking and micro blogging website is becoming the “hype” without any doubt. Enormous popularity is spreading in all directions across the globe to an extent it is pulling away  facebook’s immense flourishing it  has enjoyed in the last couple of years.

The tweeting phenomena is still vague to a wide stream of middle eastern audiences as well as to marketers. Lacking the know-how of  twitter’s operation, they are still hesitant to take a further forward step exploring it. The ad-free and clean page the website has in the Middle East is raising a lot of questions about how to make use of this new online technology. Will it be possible to acquire the rights to media-represent the website and sell banner ads on it? If yes, how much is the plain cost, what’s the profit margin, and how to follow up on the consumer behavior accompanied with such site where most of its users may have unspecified real names, addresses, ages, and tastes?

But as a tool so far, Twitter can be extremely helpful. Word-of-mouth advertising always proved to be a very efficient way in triggering consumer actions (trial, purchase, re-purchase). Recommendations and advices from other twitterers in addition to their own experiences may all add to support brands, especially those who are suffering in this harsh economic downturn and market lull. But not everything can do the job. I believe brands will be facing the same problem they do over traditional media: competition & clutter. Establishing a good market position and breaking the media clutter requires a lot of work among which are quality, favorable customer experience, & “creativity”.

We are living in a brand bubble these days. Millions of brands are competing against each other on a open-market global scale. Each and every claims to be the best in his category. If not price wars come to the front. Customers are no longer loyal to their brands who are losing credibility day after day due to substantial degrading in quality due to market shrinking or due to the availability of several other options claiming to offer the same benefits at a discounted price.

So, where does the chance lie? It lies first of all in being creative. Creativity raises customer awareness about the product. Its creates a favorable attitude towards it, triggers sales, and increases word-of mouth. Here where the potential with twitter comes. Nowadays everything outstanding is being tweeted heavily, driving retweets (RT), opinions, discussions, and debates. It’s all publicizing the brand. But the picture isn’t that smooth!!

With twitter, breaking news are streamed at the first place on the internet before it got broadcasted on TVs. This fast way of information dissemination is a two-sided blade. Any pitfall or mistake is really expensive at all levels. The word will be roaming the world in seconds. The trust will be shaken.


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