Busy November

Jazeera acquires ART Sports Sweet November! Well that’s true so far despite the negative interpretation of my horoscope for this particular month of this year.

 Everything is moving as I plan it to always be: timely, smoothly, and on time. Many things took place in October 09 the biggest was the Al-Jazeera acquisition of our ART TV station where I work. The picture wasn’t that clear and justified in the beginning, but now we have a vivid interpretation of what happened; The takeover will be to our benefit; I am glad.

November then started with the huge scale media fuss; that’s on the professional level. On the other side, & at the personal end of my life, today Mom will arrive for a 1 month visit to Dubai. No need to express my feelings, everyone can take a measure from his/her side.

 Mid November, my close-to-the-heart and intimate cousin will arrive to Dubai as well coming from KSA. It has been pretty a long time since I had the chance to see her and have our long funny but serious dialogues. I am looking forward for this.

 November will conclude when I will be already packed and heading to Munich on the way to Amsterdam. Excited “YES”, looking forward “YES”, & adventurous “YES YES YES”.

 Before I wrap, one thing I discovered recently. It is my ability to bypass hangover effects in a pretty short period of time. Last night Sho Cho was on fire. I had an array of tastings, I was a bit wasted, but today I woke up earlier than usual, I feel energy in the veins. 🙂



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