The “@” Era

Its strange when we leap from one conception to another in such a short time interval. If the introduction of social media was famously manifested by Facebook & the like, the concept now has changed with Twitter.

If Facebook was a tool intended to link friends and re-bridge lost friendship connections, Twitter added a new dimension: To mingle anonymously with people you never met, and may never meet.

Last Thursday (Dec 17, 09) I had the chance to attend the GeekFest at Al Qouz-Dubai. Well I knew I was one of the many among the herds feeling myself a complete stranger. In the back of my head, I was looking to meet many @s I know on Twitter. But how? Twitter is a micro blogging tool where rarely do people share their own photos. It was a problem of recognition.

Well not so long when I started bumping people with white labels on their heartsides; Me being one, we started approaching each other in a strange manner: “hello @blabla, nice meeting you” and so on. I felt weird but got used to the idea.

But for God’s sake, any idea of what will the next step after Twitter be?


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