Gaza… “We are sorry!”

Gaza Seiged

As I always do, I dislike image-less posts; I accidently came across this caricature which manifests and communicates the blockade Gaza has been suffering from for more than a year, even way before the Israeli bloody assault, commemorated today.

I don’t want to talk politics since it’s not time and I am not going to debate who is right and who is wrong within the same Palestinian house, but what I know is that there are more than one million inhabitants of this strip who are suffering by all means, from everything due to this status quo.

It’s a shame when 22 Arab countries were never able to break down the Israeli dominance throughout this conflict. It’s a shame when children are deprived of their simplest rights i.e. food & freedom to play safe in a time thousands of tons of food are disposed from the kitchens of our rich. It’s a shame when the only access for Gazzans to the outer world is shut regardless of the accusations of weapons smuggling. It’s a shame when international activists take the lead to support while we remain diluted.

It’s not accepted for our children to remain out of schools, it’s not tolerated to keep them play among mine fields and under the fire range of Israeli occupiers. It’s not accepted to accept clean water deprivations. It’s not accepted to allow the strip suffer from food and medicine shortage from one side and the continuous destruction of the grooves by IDF bulldozers for unjustified reasons especially when it comes, as usual, under the same excuse of salvo attacks or rocket-launchers bases. What I know is that a humanitarian disaster is relentlessly taking place in Gaza and the whole world is just shut while Israel remains its expansionist plans demolishing Palestinian houses in the west bank and expanding their settlements over the hills claiming demographic and security reasons.

I think debating, blaming, falsifying, & analyzing are not accepted from now on. As Arabs we are just good in blaming & accusing. We never did take actions. Press conferences, Arab summits, diplomacy, & the like are not feeding the hungry, are not providing shelters, are not bringing peace. What I do think is bringing this responsibility to the lower authoritarian level. The level of ordinary people, journalists, bloggers, human right activists, students, … who now possess powerful technological means of spreading the word, raising the alert, communicating the true picture to the outer world. When the public’s are reached, then they can exert pressure on their leadership which in turn abides; that’s what should be done to reach a consensus.

 Until then, were are sorry Gaza for keeping you suffer.


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