AND ?!

And she passed by the door with her endless dress, black as a night, elegant as a queen. I didnt have before & still dont have the audacity to interrupt her path though she may be hinting me suspiciously, wickedly,  smartly, but I felt it. She is mysterious, her way is vague, her location is unknown, but she is present all the time. I enjoy gazing at her while she sues the corridors with her LG in her ears. Her scarf contains the colors of the lushy springy grooves and the smell of nature. her hair is dark, black it or brown who cares? its perfect.

And then silence becomes the highlight, the day light dims, the clouds hovers the sky aimlessly, and she stays she!! She the mysterious, the trendy, the untouchable, the inconceivable, & the intact.

And things remain, and time elapses, and images come & go, and incidents repeat, and her endless dress changes colors, and she remains she, and me remains me; me inside the window, and she out there, free.


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