Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, in a place not that far away, in a place which is understood to be ethical, true, transparent, intimate, brotherly, and friendly, a short story staged itself without thinking of its end. A story that was meant to remain revolving around its occurrence since it was thought to be build solidly on basis that are unshakable; It was supposed to be an everlasting source of trust and hope, sharing and caring, dreaming and imagining, good unintentional demeanors, and an ever flowing fresh spring. It was supposed to be as pure as morning mist, clear as a newly bought studded solitaire, shiny as the morning sun amid the clear blue sky in a springy day. It was supposed to remain because nothing was materialistic, nothing was mundane, nothing was superficial. At least I managed and meant it to be as such.

Once upon a time things weren’t that complicated. Fluency was abundant above all, throughout all, improvised not acted.  Once upon a time I believed it was a systematic click. I deceived myself of its brotherhood. I bypassed and threw back awkward hints of its impurity. Once upon a time I made my home warmer, my heart wider, my support endless, my listening unconditional, my thinking positive, my food tastier, and my privacy shared. Once upon a time I felt safer, happier, unconditional; I made it till the last second. I surpassed what I knew hurts, I accepted sharing, I never imagined the blackness, my vision was blurred.

Once upon a time I devoted everything for the well-being of it. I progressed, preceded, stood, kept foot, then retreated to manage misunderstanding my way, my own way. Once upon a time I left things as is, I accepted time to heal it, I’ve been proactive or recessive depends. Once upon a time I was nothing but true. I was nothing but clear. I was nothing but a brother. Once upon a time I never cared about slips. Once upon a time i was the most forgiving even when it came to touch my dignity. Once upon a time I was me.

Once upon a time I chose to remain me whatever circumstances may blow. I managed successfully to remain I. And I am still I due to what I inherited thankfully. I will remain me what so ever may happen.

Once upon a time it was all existing. Once upon a time it was a concrete real fact. That was in a time that is not now and will never be.

Once upon a time was something that is not anymore.


3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Avani-Jones Blog says:

    Your piece was, in a word, poignant. I am grateful I happened upon it.

    I tend to approach all things with a teachable spirit, and this time was no different. However, I am curious (if you care to share) what the nexus of your piece was. It first captured me within the context of my own self discovery (amid the complicated world around me); but there was also an undeniable proposition that it also had to do with one having become excruciatingly aware of the truth of [S]omething else – and through (your) compassion and clarity of vision, yet another lesson was learned.

    Very moving …


    • samersays says:

      Thanks for the read Tamela.
      Well u can say this is a base of a true story that I experienced. Regardless of the outcome, I liked to put it this way without any dramatization.
      As u said, we always learn from our own experiences, and as for me, I got my lesson.


  2. Jess says:

    this is the most amazing thing i have ever come across on google. i love it so much thank you for writing such a masterpiece. would you call this a poem..?

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