Sometimes I feel confused. I enter a state of a hiatus. I stop understanding what should I do, and why should I do what I am supposed to do. Sometimes things become so trafficked, so chaotic, so unsorted. In such situations I lose control and retreat.

Sometimes i stop thinking about the “whats next”. I keep my self into “Whats now”. Maybe its avoidance, I dont know, but its a fact.

Sometimes I start a criteria of evaluation between the achieved and the yet to be. I find myself fine with it. Personally satisfied and that is whats keeping me in shape. I retain control over the current and manage perfectly the next step and what may be coming.

Its a time I am passing through currently. Thinking a bit further into where I should be, when a next step has no option except being made. Alternatives are always present but if I am looking for a change its a bit difficult; Many reasons are keeping hindrance, but sometimes what we are looking for and what we want, we reach.

Anyways, things are concluding faster than I can imagine. In a short notice I will find myself into a new kind of a world. I am looking into something more exciting, with a better environment, more challenging, and a personal space to be creative in my own way.

Sometimes I stay awake late, just to write about sometimes.


One thought on “Sometimes

  1. bohzo (hello)

    Greetings confused, you will have company, have a great day.

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