This time it came at a crossroad. A mark breaking the old and starting the new. Although ambiguity dominance fills the air, but yet some areas are still lit maybe as a guidance  for the destined future.

As usual, the last thing I did being 27, was exactly the same thing I did being 26, 25, 24,…  calling the most precious, the  invaluable,  the dearest to my heart; my point of weakness, the person whose presence was a bless in each and every moment of my life and who will remain my utmost priority: Mom.

As I am not that expressive, i molded the call to be as one of the usual weekly calls. Intentionally though, I wanted to hear it from her: Happy Birthday… with an assortment of blessings and recites I wanted to hear not because I was opportunist, but because i needed that load of positive universal energy in this critical period I am passing through.

It was never for me a game of numbers. I never believed in quantifying time. Time is untouchable, unmeasurable, and cannot be contained. As part of this universal mesh where everything is interconnected to the whole until its tiniest bits, I believe my mission in this interconnected intricate system is not over yet; thus I am granted a new mundane year to live. Happy birthday to me.

Sorting things, recapping, and prioritizing is definite. The old should be filed and archived, and the new book should be widened properly in order to get a smooth initiation.

Its gonna be a critical year for me. Much needs to be done, many decisions should be taken, and many steps should be appropriated.


3 thoughts on “28

  1. Ama D. says:

    I liked to read it! 🙂
    Happy birthday to you! 😉

  2. Swiss Miss says:

    Oh you’re ♒ too? Cheers!

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