A Re-Start

It has been a while when i released my thoughts through this space that I created. It has been almost 2 months of foggy unexplained ramifications where each in turn was supposed to lead into what is reached now. Things were piled with time to reach a status of equilibrium and confinement for a better restart.

After an unexpected, though long, stay in Beirut in March 2010, the journey started again in Dubai. A phase which I took at ease, snail crawling, aiming to harvest the best out of the available. A series of business interviews moving along my ongoing freelance activities led at the end into what is considered the best I think I can get. I will not announce it now, I will keep it for a later post. Of course this started after my resignation from ART (Arab Radio & Television).

What I believe in is that whatever we aim to do, is always bound to certain universal parameters whose outcome will not lead except to the destined. I always repeat this: When you want something, the universe conspires to make you get it, beautifully said by Paolo Coelho’s in his marvel “The Alchimist”.

I leave you here, with all the best that can be wished. If I want to summon my status, there will be no better way to express it except in Celine Dion’s charm:



3 thoughts on “A Re-Start

  1. AM says:

    Oh so you live in Doobie, I did dubai for 9 years, moved to the capital since july 2009, almost a year, go figure!

    • samersays says:

      Really?? omg 9 years!!! I love the city yes. Well what made u make this move?? When around give a buzz…

  2. AM says:

    The economic situation aka bitch made me move lol.

    I’m on vacation in beirut at the mo, will be in touch again and reading you šŸ™‚

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