Nothing like…

There is nothing like feeling at ease with everything. When you wake up, when you dress up, when you chew well your breakfast, when you quietly go down the stairs towards your car, when you drive to work, and when you park.

The ease continues when you have your morning coffee and enjoy the morning aroma, when you open your Outlook, when you smile to each and every email downloaded, when you reply, when you answer the phone, when you receive an sms from your mom and reply back, when you make other people around you smile, when you start thinking of what to have for lunch, when you feel lousy and sleepy after the meal, when you refresh with an afternoon cup of strong coffee, when you regain power, and when you start looking at your screen clock every now and then.

The great feeling continues when the time becomes 6:00 pm, when you kiss-goodbye your colleagues, when you leave office, when you drive home & dive through the rush hour traffic, when you reach home and start being hesitant of going to the gym, when you force it upon yourself, when you shower and get back home saying “thank God I worked out”, when you have a light dinner bite, when your TV night show starts, when you switch off the TV, when you sink into the bed then remember you forgot to brush your teeth and smile again, when you brush ur teeth back and sink again into your bed freshened up with the mint-flavored saliva.

It climaxes when u rest your head on your cushion, when you drift away into the wonderland, when you dream, and when u wake up the other day smiling to the sun peaking through your window.

There is nothing than looking positively at everything whatever it is.


7 thoughts on “Nothing like…

  1. Ama says:

    I enjoyed the read. A daily and soft smile, thank you for this positive note! 🙂


  2. hmmm you kiss-goodbye your colleagues? everyday?

    Light read.. there’s nothing like looking at things positively. hope it lasts for you!

    • samersays says:

      I do, most of the times. Not when I leave the office the last one.
      Thanks lady, and wish u everything positive, except medical results, may they all be negative.

  3. AM says:

    Peaceful … gets boring at times, doesn’t it? …

    You kiss your colleagues goodbye?!

  4. AM says:

    Hahaha, i’ll trust you on that 😉

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