The city in charm

Its the first time I take the chance to tour the city walking. Avoiding the traffic jam I decided to pull myself away from the conventional means of transportation we usually use in Dubai i.e the car, after a somehow-fancy meal at Bazerkan in JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) the beach escape, hotel hub, and casual outings place.

The weather was the best it had reached this year. Lovely breeze, charming sunset, herds of people leaving the sands after a long tan, and blocked ways during the weekend rush hour. Enjoying the walk, I got this feeling I hadn’t got since I arrived to this city a couple of years back. I had the chance to witness things I never did, smell things I never smelled, and heard hints I never heard.

Usually driving the car makes the mind concentrated and avoiding getting shattered. The focus is all converged towards the destination and the main view is the road. Getting the chance to walk made me better discover the neighborhood; A variety of stores, restos, & cafes filling the corners, some of which have really warm-cozy settings. Smelling the different scents of food to freshly baked scones to just brewed coffee. But the thing that aroused my senses was astonishingly weird but yes: it was the  cars smoke. I dont know why but this (environment unfriendly) smell made me feel that I am engulfed with an adorable-alluring city-side which I had the chance to discover.

This vibrant city, which I love, had succeeded to replicate all the world’s wonders & vibes but unfortunately failed to improve its weather. Being all year round imprisoned in artificially conditioned offices, homes, & malls deprived us of discovering what this city would have been that its climate was a bit less hot, I mean a bit cooler.


One thought on “The city in charm

  1. Posh says:

    I’ve never been to Dubai. But I don’t think I’d like it.

    But, it’s always good to look at the good side of things and since you live and work there, you need to enjoy (and like) it.

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