About Samer

Born in Venezuela in 1982, lived in Lebanon most of my age; Culturally attached to this fascinating small county despite its existence syndrome.

Computer programming was a choice for a BA, although considered not up to what I was looking for, it added a lot to my knowledge about the IT world. Shifted into the lively communications domain. Fulfilled a masters degree in Media Studies, emphasizing Advertising & Marketing.

Relocated to Dubai after the 2006 bloody war.

Currently employed at ART Television’s Dubai office handling a significant part of ART’s media relations in the UAE.


3 thoughts on “About Samer

  1. Rwa says:

    I dont know you and I dont know why am I even sending this, but u just popped into my face on my twitter profile out of no where (which I barely know how to use in the 1st place!)! I dont know what even drew me to click on ur profile pic, open ur website, and find this lovely comment about flowers being fun while reading your latest writting!

    Anyway, I just thought of saying whats on my mind, so tc and keep ur office and home filled with flowers; this what i do on a weekly base to start fresh.

    Gn & Sd


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