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US-China Tensions

The US-Taiwan arms dealJust to be brief and cut it short: “The US cannot by any means impose its resolutions upon China, that would be a huge mistake the US can commit”.

I am saying this just after the rising tensions between the Chinese government and the US congress after the $6.2 billion weaponry deal signed between the USA & Taiwan last week. Upon it, the US will supply Taiwan with ground-to-air defense rocketry, few defense ships, and 60 Black Hawk helicopters.

If the US is looking to fortify its as-considered a US base nearest to China, Chine in return can play the game differently. Via Economy. We all know that most of the US companies are moving their manufacturing into China for the sake of cutting costs. What if China decided to take economical measures against the US companies? Can you imagine the economical harm this can cause?